Imam Ahmed Raza Movement
6. Shawwal 1439 / June 20, 2018

12th Zil Hajj the Fifth Day and 13th Zil Hajj

Performing the Rami of the Three Jamara after Zawaal as performed on 11th Zil Hajj.


To return to Makkah Mukarrama from Mina after the Rami of 12th is allowed but it is better to return after performing the Rami of 13th Zil Hajj in similar way. If a person intends to leave Mina on 12th then he should leave it before sunset. Departure from Mina on 12th after sunset is makrooh. If a person stayed in Mina up to the dawn of 13th Zil Hajj, then it is obligatory on him to perform the Rami after Zawaal of 13th Zil Hajj.